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Plan Objectives

Ministry of ICT intends to achieve the following strategic objectives uso Plan:

Facilitate access to E-services in rural and less developed areas
creating the platforms for the development of rural businesses
Contribute to sustainable development of rural areas
Efficient and competitive development of content and services for rural and underserved areas
 Empower the workforce in rural areas through training, skill, creativity and entrepreneurship


Expected Opportunities from the Plan

Significant private sector participation in the E- services providinf to rural, underserved and less developed
Government financial support targeted activities USO
existing capacities usage in the provinces and territories to develop special-purpose E- services
Create innovation opportunities at local and national level
villagers Active participation, especially women in products & services provide



About us

Some of the country's small population and isolated villages don’t have required population threshold to enjoy the many amenities and services.
There are many bottlenecks in the rural and less developed areas, for removing them, it is essential to planning and benefiting from international experiences in the development of ICT in rural areas, through coordination with related organizations and institutions.


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