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International experiences

Following the successful experiences of selected countries in the field of Universal service obligation (USO) and rural ICT services are provided.

The successful experiences of USO and rural E-services in:

  •  Malaysia
  • Malaysia Internet Centre ‪(PI1M)
  • Malaysia Wireless Villages ‪(KTW1M)
  • Malaysia Netbook 1
  • Cellular Coverage Expansion-Time 3
  • Telephony Community Broadband Library ‪(CBL)
  1. Europe
  • Providing Platform  of coordination and exchange of experiences on rural tourism
  • Creating  guidance and electronic content for rural tourism
  • Markup system by mobile phone to access information and multimedia content
  • IP CCTV network deployment tourism
  • Tourists Relationship system deployment for better management
  • competitive health services
  • Telewound care
  • Tele-Dialysis Care
  • telespeech therapy
  • ………..
  • …………….
  1. India
  • Eseva Electronic service centers
  • Gyandoot Network service providing 
  • Kuppam Intelligent Community
  • ITC e-Choupal Electronic network purchase of agricultural products (Rural Market e-hub)
  • n-Logue Chiraag Kiosks E-service kiosks
  • ……
  • …….
  1. South Africa
  • Creating Knowledge-based Rural communities
  • Pan-African e-Network project
  • emocha builds mobile health tools to improve public health
  • esoko e-Agriculture Network
  1. Turkey
  • Weather forecast for Turkey Farm
  • Community Access to Broadband at Schools
  • Telemedicine

About us

Some of the country's small population and isolated villages don’t have required population threshold to enjoy the many amenities and services.
There are many bottlenecks in the rural and less developed areas, for removing them, it is essential to planning and benefiting from international experiences in the development of ICT in rural areas, through coordination with related organizations and institutions.


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